Vegetal Reality Shelter

Vegetal Reality Shelter
Técnica: Sistema, instalação
Material: arduino, eletrônica, plantas, plástico, alto-falantes, headphones

Vegetal Reality Shelter Vegetal Reality Shelter is an augmented reality set based on sound and video, recorded from Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve during my 10 day experience at LABVERDE, an immersive residence program at the core of the Amazon Rainforest. The system is built in a form of a little shelter, which holds a small terrarium of plants, a 2.1 sound system and a small projector. The structure is designed to provide an immersive experience to the public. When someone places his/her head inside the shelter, his or her breath stimulate the little terrarium which has its plants monitored. On the perception of Co2, the plants sends signal to a micro controller which by its turn inflates de bubble like space. Inside the bubble the participant will be able to listening to birds, insects, and little animals, recorded in two channels very early in the morning at the reserve. Along with the sounds a video looping of the forest is also projected inside the shelter, enhancing the unique experience of this utopian garden.

• Artwork label (title, dimension, technic):  Vegetal Reality Shelter 1mt x 60cm x 60cm (aprox.) Multimedia, hybrid